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This page is intended to help you understand the process of booking an appointment as well as our policies.


  • “How do I request an appointment with Blacklisted?”

Blacklisted is currently accepting select projects, but Walk-Ins are always welcome. To request an appointment, please fill out the online form, contact your known artist, or stop by the shop and we can discuss what creative works are on your mind. Please note: a nonrefundable deposit will be required at the time of booking to secure your appointment.   


  • “The submit but doesn't work! WHAT DO I DO?”

Don't panic. Please make sure that you have filled out all of the required information, and that you are using the current version of your preferred browser.  You may want to try using a different browser (we recommend Chrome).  If you are still having difficulties, email  


  • “How do I send my deposit?”

Once your appointment date is set, Blacklisted's assistant will email you a link to send your nonrefundable deposit, or the deposit will be secured in person if it's an in-person consultation. Please promptly submit your nonrefundable deposit to secure the appointment. Due to high demand, appointments cannot be held without a nonrefundable deposit.


  • “When is the deposit due?”

The nonrefundable deposit is due at the time of booking to secure the appointment.  Due to high demand, appointments cannot be held without a nonrefundable deposit.


  • “Does the deposit go towards the final price of the tattoo?”

Yes – the nonrefundable deposit will go towards the final cost of the tattoo at the final appointment, as long as no appointments are missed, cancelled, or rescheduled on short notice.


  • “Are deposits refundable?”

Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable, but will go towards the final cost of the tattoo as long as no appointments are missed or cancelled. If your schedule changes and you need to reschedule your appointment, there will be no additional deposit required if you contact us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time.   If you miss your appointment, cancel or ask to reschedule on short notice, you will greatly inconvenience your artist and you will forfeit your nonrefundable deposit.  We respect and value your time, and we ask that you do the same for ours. 


  • “Can I reschedule my appointment if needed?”

Yes – As long as we are contacted at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, we will accommodate up to two rescheduling requests. Third and subsequent requests to reschedule your project will be considered solely at the discretion of the artist and may require an additional deposit.  Rates are subject to change upon rescheduling multiple times or beyond a year from the original date. We respect and value your time, and we ask that you do the same for ours.


  •  “Can I give my appointment to someone else? “

No – appointments and deposits are nontransferable.  The artist must approve all projects before they are scheduled.  All new clients must fill out an online consultation form to request an appointment or can come to the shop to discuss an artwork they want completed. If something comes up and you would like to reschedule, please contact us.


  •  “I booked an appointment but now I want something completely different than what was planned! IS THIS OKAY?”

The artist must approve each project before booking – this means your appointment and nonrefundable deposit are only for the project that the artist has agreed to do at the time of booking.  If you later decide that you no longer wish to proceed with the project, or want something very different than what was agreed upon at the time of booking, you will risk losing your nonrefundable deposit unless the artist approves of the new project.  The artist spends time preparing materials specifically for your project prior to your appointment, so please do not wait until the day of your appointment to let us know that you have changed your mind — please contact us as soon as possible to let us know what you have in mind, and we can discuss whether or not Blacklisted is the right Lounge for the new project.


  • “What are Blacklisted's rates?”

Rates may vary based on size and detail.  Please fill out an online consultation form for more information or come to the Lounge to talk about your next project. We look forward to working with you. 


  • “When can I expect a response?”

Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries we receive, we are not able to respond to all inquiries at this time.  We are only able to respond to inquiries that fit Blacklisted's artist's artistic style.  If your request is accepted, you will receive a response typically within 2-4 weeks for scheduling. If you do not receive a response, it is likely that your request was not accepted, but we sincerely appreciate your interest. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  *Please be sure to type carefully and provide the correct email address on the contact form or we will be unable to send a response.*


  • “Can I come in for a consultation?”

While we prefer the online consultation form in order to keep track on communications and have a consistent understanding of the project, we understand that some people are not as tech savy or need to explain their project in person. Please come by to the Lounge so we can discuss your project and see if one of our artists can complete this work for you. Walk-Ins are ALWAYS welcome. 


  • “What do I need to do before my appointment? Can I bring a friend? Are there any special instructions for me?”


  • Try to get adequate sleep the night before

  • Avoid consuming alcohol & blood-thinning medications if possible

  • Avoid tanning, waxing or anything that might discolor or irritate the skin in the area that will be tattooed

  • Shower

  • Skip the gym

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat a balanced meal

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind possibly getting ink on.

  • Feel free to bring snacks, meals or beverages.  You are also welcome to order delivery.

  • You may also want to bring headphones, music or movies.

  • Payment is due at each session, so remember to bring your wallet.  Cash is the preferred method of payment.


  • “Do I tip the artist?”

Tipping is never required but always appreciated. If you are unsure how much to tip your artist, 15-25% is standard for a personal service.


  • “Aftercare instructions!”


  • Remove the bandage after 2-3 hours; if SecondSkin is used, keep on for 2-3 days.

  • Wash the tattoo area with lukewarm water and glycerin soap.

  • Pat dry with a clean paper towel.

  • Apply a thin layer of Cetaphil lotion or Aquaphor.

  • Don’t scratch, peel or pick at your tattoo.

  • Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools and the beach during the healing process (approximately 2 weeks)

  • Always apply a high SPF sunscreen on the tattoo before exposure to the sun



  • Do not let anyone touch your fresh tattoo.

  • Do not use Neosporin or ointments other than recommended.

  • Do not use rubbing alcohol, peroxide or cortisone.

  • Do not use cloth towels as they can harbor bacteria.

  • Do not pick, peel or scratch your new tattoo.

  • Do not soak your new tattoo.

  • Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight.


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